P E I N TU R E S   M U R A L E S - M U R A L S

         2017 : Création et réalisation d'un grand mural à Hong Kong pour

         Natural Food & Beverages. 8 Wa In Fong East - Sheung Wan - Hong Kong

            Our rainforest transforms into coloured crystals escaping onto the wall to the         

.           Hong Kong sky.

            In collaboration with Guillaume Langlois and Annabelle Thomazo.

Décor peint sur panneau de bois - Dojo - Auch

I paint nature in its magical form, but the model is only a pretext to explore always further following the whims and gestures of a moment, in a search for balance and harmony.


This research is a perilous one, and each brushstroke may compromise it all. However, it makes for a fascinating game: respecting the spontaneous momentum while guiding the work towards the image preceding the birth of the work.

My paintings are of lights and movements, in a stroll of bright colours at the gates of abstraction. The superimposed acrylic colours allow me to feed the momentum of these paintings evoking in turns water, fire, wind; adventurous journeys in a pictorial universe made of permenantly renewed discoveries.

Lively and compelling, multicoloured hatchings or volutes and arabesques that evoke my Mediterranean origins, if my paintings present a multitude of shades, I always come back to blues, reds and yellows as tho