Depuis septembre 2022 l'atelier de peinture est ouvert un lundi sur deux de 14h30 à 20h.

On arrive et on repart quand on veut....bienvenue !

L'atelier de Peinture exposera à l'Auditorium Guy Lafitte

Les vendredis et samedis de l'été 2023

A l'occasion des "récréations" musicales"

La toute nouvelle Ecole des Arts de Tournan, située dans l'ancienne école communale, vous accueille tout au long de l'année.

Nous vous accueillons quelque soit votre niveau, et les débutants sont les bienvenus.

On peut venir faire du dessin, de l'aquarelle, de l'acrylique, de l'huile....à votre choix !


 The painting workshop exhibits at the Guy Lafitte Auditorium on the Fridays and Saturdays of summer 2022 on the occasion of the “musical recreations”

We welcome you whatever your level, and beginners are welcome!

One can come and do drawing, watercolour, acrylic, oil ... it's up to you!

I paint nature in its magical form, but the model is only a pretext to explore always further following the whims and gestures of a moment, in a search for balance and harmony.


This research is a perilous one, and each brushstroke may compromise it all. However, it makes for a fascinating game: respecting the spontaneous momentum while guiding the work towards the image preceding the birth of the work.

My paintings are of lights and movements, in a stroll of bright colours at the gates of abstraction. The superimposed acrylic colours allow me to feed the momentum of these paintings evoking in turns water, fire, wind; adventurous journeys in a pictorial universe made of permenantly renewed discoveries.

Lively and compelling, multicoloured hatchings or volutes and arabesques that evoke my Mediterranean origins, if my paintings present a multitude of shades, I always come back to blues, reds and yellows as tho